Ford likewise focused on boomers in relaunching the f

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Unformatted text preview: carmakers—having captured baby boomers with reliable entry-level products in the 1970s and having moved upscale in lockstep with boomers ever since—are masters of targeting. Ford likewise focused on boomers in relaunching the F-150 pickup in the 1990s. Breaking with tradition, the design team started not with a set of product features but with the styles, needs, and values—identified through 139 (134-143)Q1'02_AutoBrand_v8 140 1/7/02 10:55 AM Page 140 T H E M c K I N S E Y Q U A R T E R LY 2 0 0 2 N UM B E R 1 consumer research—that motivated its target market. (The team identified 30 distinct segments and suggested ways to attract each.) Design and marketing decisions flowed from that early market understanding. Rather than mimicking the product’s brawny rival (the Dodge Ram pickup), the team chose a sleeker look with a roomy cab and amenities to appeal to young families. The success of the F-150, and the holistic approach that created it, influenced subsequent product-development efforts. Isolate purchasing bottlenecks Each car model we studied encountered a bottleneck in the purchase process (Exhibit 3). Research shows, for instance, that 87 percent of shoppers for sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are aware of the Chevy Blazer, the best-known car of its kind. But among EXHIBIT 3 people actively considerWhere is your brand’s bottleneck? ing the purchase of an SUV, a lower proLocation of portion—12 percent Brand and bottleneck in model purchasing funnel Bottleneck ‘story’ Possible actions? lower—took the Blazer • Poor perception of • Consolidate Chevrolet out for a test-drive than parent brand shared-platform Blazer reduces likelihood brands (such as Considertook out the best-inFamiliarity ation of moving from Blazer, Jimmy, class Ford Explorer. familiarity to and Bravada) consideration into one brand Additional research made the problem clear: increasingly affluent and demanding SUV • Competition • Supplement Ford performs better advertising, focus Explorer buyers liked the Blazer ConsiderShortwith 2 consumer on affluent and ation listing segments: Blazer demanding buyers but simply did not want with pragmatic • Emphasize buyers; Grand Explorer’s to own a Chevy. Cherokee with buyers who like to drive “the best” premium-trim models For the...
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