Rather than broadcast a scattershot message in case a

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Unformatted text preview: has seen an explosion in the number, variety, and depth of information sources available to consumers. Publications, product placements, “buzz” campaigns, and sponsored and independent Web sites influence buyers at different points in the purchase process. Rather than broadcast a scattershot message in case a likely buyer might be paying attention, marketers must adopt something like the justin-time approach that is best practice on the manufacturing side of the business. They must recognize that different consumer segments respond differently to each model at each point of the purchasing funnel—and must choose their medium and message accordingly (Exhibit 4, on the next page). More than half of all car buyers in 2000, for instance, used the Internet to help them make their purchase decision. That gives original-equipment manufacturers a new tool for observing the customer relationship and for influencing the consumers’ brand experience before and after purchase. Yet almost every major automaker’s consumer Web site is a one-way electronic brochure; only vague attempts are made to create dialogue. 141 (134-143)Q1'02_AutoBrand_v8 1/7/02 10:55 AM Page 142 T H E M c K I N S E Y Q U A R T E R LY 2 0 0 2 N UM B E R 1 142 EXHIBIT 4 What’s a marketer to do? Appropriateness of particular media in reaching consumers at selected points in the purchasing funnel Best fit Awareness Consideration Experience Loyalty Reach is effective Delivers brand ‘personality’ Presents trialoffer messages Reinforces brand image Print Reach is more targeted Explains brand benefits Presents trialoffer messages Plays no significant role Direct mail Reach is highly targeted Sends detailed, targeted messages May include inducements Explains benefits further Reach is targeted yet limited Provides rich source of brand information, experience Can overcome final barriers Provides ongoing source of affinity Engages in prospecting activities Moves to more intense sales focus Can overcome specific purchase barriers Offers possibility of personal relationship TV Internet Sales force Likewise, direct mail is seldom used to its full potential. When tied to a print advertising campaign or other promotional efforts, direct mail can explain benefits to particular consumer segments and establish a base of likely prospects. Mercedes, at the introduction of its M-class SUV, developed a series of eight mailings to a cross section of affluent...
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