Aphrodite - Lived in an immoral city o Made a statue of a...

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Aphrodite Roman: Venus Other name: Cytherea 2 versions of birth: genitals of Uranus mix with sea foam and Zeus-Dione Associated with island of Cyprus – where she washed up in the Uranus version of birth Pure love (Urania) and physical love (Pandemos) Affair with Anchises (mortal with a fear of being overpowered by women) o Planned by other gods to embarrass Aphrodite o Gives birth to Aeneas (Trojan) Child with Hermes: Hermaphroditus o Hermes told Zeus that he would really like to sleep with Aphrodite, Zeus agrees to trick her into sleeping with him o Zeus’ eagle steals her shoe, wanted the shoe back so she slept with Hermes for it o Nymph falls in love with Hermaphroditus, he doesn’t love her, so she pulls him into her pool and fused herself with him (hermaphrodite) Another child: Priapus o God of gardens, fertility, and good fortune o Has a permanent erection Pygmalion – mortal o
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Unformatted text preview: Lived in an immoral city o Made a statue of a woman of marble, fell in love with the statue, Aphrodite made the statue come alive o Story basis for My Fair Lady • Associated with beautiful birds: swans, doves • Myrrha o Beautiful young woman from Cypress o Her mom says that Myrrha is more beautiful than Aphrodite, so Aphrodite decides to punish Myrrha o Myrrha and her father develop a romance, but when the father finds out it is his daughter (who happens to be in love with him) he chases her trying to kill her o Aphrodite feels bad about what happened and she turns Myrrha into a tree and her tears become myrrh o 9 months later – Adonis comes out of the tree • Adonis o The most beautiful man o Aphrodite is attracted to him, but all he wants to do is hunt o Gored in the groin by a wild boar and dies o She turns his blood into a beautiful red flower...
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Aphrodite - Lived in an immoral city o Made a statue of a...

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