Priests prostitutes this seems too silly to consider

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Unformatted text preview: Priests ↑ → Prostitutes ↑ (this seems too silly to consider) 29 Possibility Possibility #2: As the number of prostitutes increase in a community, this causes the number of priests to increase. Prostitutes ↑ → Priests ↑ (more sin requires more repentance?) 30 Possibility Possibility #3: Involvement of a 3rd Variable? Some other variable influences both the number of priests and the number of prostitutes. (as a city gets larger, the number of priests AND prostitutes increase, but one does not cause the other) Correlations provide no information about causal relationships!! 31 Are the only type of research study that can clearly establish a CAUSAL RELATIONSHIP between variables. How? By directly manipulating one variable to see whether that causes a change in another variable. 32 Some Some Terms: Independent Variable The variable that the researcher manipulates. Dependent Variable The variable that gets measured to determine whether manipulating the Independent Variable has any effect. 33 Some Some Terms: BetweenBetween-Subject Experimental Design Different participants contribute data for each level of the Independent Variable. Within-Subjects Experimental Design WithinThe same participants contribute data for each level of the Independent Variable. 34 An An Example Independent Variable Room temperature vs. 20° Higher Dependent Variable # of word math problems solved in 15-minutes 35 36 Major A Major Advantage If done properly, a researcher can firmly establish that one variable has has a causal influence on another variable. …but, there are a lot of things that can render an experiment INVALID INVALID. 37 Confounding Variables Confounding Other factors that could vary along with the Independent Vari...
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