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Granulosum and s lucidum above produce proteinacious

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Unformatted text preview: h are hematopoietic stem cell ­derived antigen ­presenting cells (APC's = dendritic cells); they migrate into the epidermis and primarily reside in the stratum spinosum Stratum Granulosum  ­ cells begin to fully differentiate and flatten/become squamous  ­ generate lipid ­rich vesicles/granules; lipid is exocytosed to generate a waterproof barrier between s. granulosum and s. lucidum above  ­ produce proteinacious 'keratohyalin' that forms cytoplasmic 'granules' (not membrane ­ bound/vesicular)cross ­links the keratin tonofilaments Stratum Lucidum  ­ above the waterproof barrier these cells fully differentiate by producing 'eleidin' a protein that aligns the cross ­linked keratin tonofilaments in parallel arrays  ­ as these cells are above the waterproof barrier they start to die and lose their nuclei Stratum Corneum  ­ Enucleate flat cells that are completely dead  ­ filled with protective cross ­linked and bundled keratin filaments = 'squames'  ­ as desmosomes deteriorate the loss of junctions allows squames to slough off (desquamated) Specializations of Epidermis Hair follicles  ­ Form...
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