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Contains few cytoplasmic organelles function in the

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Unformatted text preview: xibility of the RBC. Once this is compromised (i.e. as the cells age and cannot replace the components due to the absence of a nucleus) the spleen will degrade the cells.  ­ Contains few cytoplasmic organelles.  ­ Function in the circulatory system  ­ Contain hemoglobin (Hb) which is composed of a tetrapeptide plus a heme group Carries O2 and CO2  ­ Contain 'carbonic anhydrase', an enzyme that facilitates the generation of carbonic acid which breaks down into protons and bicarbonate ion. The latter is actively transported out of RBCs into the plasma where it acts as a major pH buffer. II) White Blood Cells ( = WBCs or leukocytes):  ­ Travel within, but function outside, the circulatory system (ie. most often function in connective tissues). Therefore, adhere to and migrate through blood vessel walls to reach connective tissues in a process known as 'diapedesis' 1. Granulocytes – prominent granules/secretory ves...
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