human anatomy lecture notes 5

Thrombospondin and platelet factor 3 are among the

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Unformatted text preview: tant in highly specific 'adaptive' immune response; see Lymphoid Lect19 for details (III) Platelets:  ­ Membrane ­bound cell fragments released from 'Megakaryocytes' in bone marrow  ­ Critical for 'hemostasis' (ie. platelet plug formation/clotting to stop bleeding into connective tissue spaces due to vascular damage)  ­ Activation of platelets by integrin ­mediated binding to collagen in wounded blood vessels and the release of paracrine factors by blood vessel endothelial cells (see Lect 18 for definition) initiates release of granules inside via exocytosis.  ­ Thrombospondin and Platelet factor 3 are among the important factors released that lead to further activation of platelets and the conversion of soluble plasma fibrinogen into insoluble fibrin fibers  ­ Platelets, fibrin and trapped RBC's form the platelet plug Chronic Infection vs. Leukemia  ­ Both...
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