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human anatomy lecture notes 6

5 and drawing done in class begins in 6 weeks after

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Unformatted text preview: rvated (produced by Odontoblasts derived from mesenchyme retained after tooth erupts)  ­Pulp = loose CT, high GAG content; vascularized and innervated; sits in the pulp cavity deep to the dentin in the root of the tooth; blood vessels and nerves enter/exit the pulp cavity via the root canal Odontogenesis (tooth formation): (see Fig 16.5 and drawing done in class)  ­begins in ~6 weeks after gestation 1. Induction: Dental placode (oral ectroderm) forms above mesenchyme  ­paracrine signaling back and forth between dental placode and mesenchyme (SHH/BMPs) induces differentiation and dental placode that then sinks into the mesen...
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