human anatomy lecture notes 6

Adventitia bone upper maxilla and lower mandible jaws

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Unformatted text preview: al ligament  ­Epithelium: lightly keratinized stratified squamous epithelium  ­Lamina propria = dense irregular CT, has prominent Collagen I fibers that mingle with the periodontal ligament that anchors the root of the tooth in place.  ­Adventitia = bone (upper maxilla and lower mandible jaws) Teeth Composed of:  ­Enamel is highly mineralized, but has no regenerative ability and is not innervated (produced by Ameloblasts that are derived from oral ectorderm/dental placode; lost after tooth erupts). 96% hydroxyapatite/mineralized (very hard).  ­Dentin is also highly mineralized (although less so than enamel), 70% hydroxyapatite/mineralized, has regenerative ability, and is inne...
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