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human anatomy lecture notes 6

Epithelium and a core of lamina propria which

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Unformatted text preview: e nasal and oral cavities  ­Hard palate is located anteriorly, and soft palate is posterior (towards pharynx) 1. Hard Palate:  ­Epithelium is stratified squamous, keratinized for protection while chewing  ­Adventitia contains bone 2. Soft Palate:  ­Epithelium is stratified squamous, non ­keratinized  ­Adventitia contains skeletal muscle; contracts to elevate soft palate during swallowing to prevent food going upward into nasal cavity  ­Elevates with uvula during swallowing to close nasal cavity entrance to pharynx Tongue = Floor of the Oral Cavity:  ­Papillae = mucosal posts/specializations (you do not need to know the different types of papillae, based on shape,...
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