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It is produced by cementoblasts similar to

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Unformatted text preview: he underlying lamina propria of the gingiva = gingivitis (when extreme and long lasting can affect the periodontal ligament also such that the teeth become 'loose') Periodontal Ligament:  ­Dense regular connective tissue (from mesenchyme/mesoderm)  ­Suspends/holds the tooth in place  ­Attaches to surrounding bone and the cementum; its fibers (collagen type I) radiate into the lamina propria of the gingiva above the bone  ­It’s highly regenerative, vascularized, and innervated Cementum:  ­Directly attached to the outer aspect of the dentin along the root of the tooth  ­Is bone ­like and it is produced by 'cementoblasts' (similar to osteoblasts)  ­Resorbed and re ­modeled by by 'odontoclasts'. (similar to osteoclasts)  ­This layer allows for orthodontic apparatus (e.g. braces) teeth within the alveolar sockets. Alveolus:  ­Socket of spongy bone in Mandible/Maxilla (eg. upper and lower jaw bones) Palate = Roof of Oral Cavity:  ­Separates th...
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