Line managers want certainty the so what the

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Unformatted text preview: ess associate Definitely Probably Might Probably Definitely Yes Yes Not Not 1 2 3 4 5 10 5 10/1/12 A sample: Orange Julius buyer behavior ques:ons in their “Quench Club” which is their online couponing vehicle 11 6 10/1/12 Good surveys come from: 1.  “Begin with the end in mind”! 2.  Appropriate open and closed end ques:ons 3.  U:lizing the right wording 4.  Placed in the right order 5.  With no obvious bias or confusion 14 7 10/1/12 Analyzing your data •  This is when the data is pulled into “tabs” short for tables •  If there are verba:ms they are listed •  Who does this depends on organiza:on structure –  Some:mes the Market Research staff –  Some:mes an outside group skilled in this area –  OXen YOU! 15 Present the conclusions •  Market research is one of the hardest things to present. Line managers want –  Certainty –  The so what –  The convincing soundbites to support the so what •  You will have inferred direc:on, caveats, and the need to share significant data to reach your conclusions 16 8 10/1/12 Present the conclusions •  Your job is to present a balanced discussion •  Cri:cal step: Prepara:on of the “walk away” deck –  Without this step, you will ...
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