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That said it is crical informaon to know occasions of

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Unformatted text preview: such as strongly agree or strongly disagree •  How many choices? Typical scales are 5, 7, or 10 points. –  Odd scales have a logical central point, and you will create a central tendency in these situa:ons –  Even scales 4 2 10/1/12 Usage ques0ons •  Frequency of use – it is challenging to ask respondents to remember how oXen they use or interact with a product. That said, it is cri:cal informa:on to know •  Occasions of use –oXen provides greater texture on actual product use. This is asking the respondent to react to ques:ons about the context of the use of the product, such as where or when it is used. •  Best advice – ask occasion ques:ons first, the frequency informa:on. Occasion ques:ons oXen serve as reminders to provide beZer informa:on for frequency ques:ons. 5 When respondents don’t complete the en0re ques0onnaire The general rule is to remove this respondent. However, depending on how respondents there are and the order of the ques:ons, non- answers in certain sec:ons do not require removing the en:rely of the respondents work. Use your best careful judgment, balancing the need for addi:onal valuable responses against what poten:al biases are introduced by keeping incomplete surveys. 6 3 10/1/12 Anexample of fact ...
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