Decisions roufne liple risk 8 4 10112 9 factors

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Unformatted text preview: Like Men Age MaPers Kids maPer 7 Consumer Decision Process Need Recognition Alternative Evaluation Purchase Post- purchase Feedback Search •  High- involvement decisions: high potenFal for social or economic consequences •  Low- involvement decisions: rouFne; liPle risk 8 4 10/1/12 9 Factors Influencing the Consumer Decision Process 5-10 5 10/1/12 EvaluaFon of AlternaFves: Consumer Decision Rules 5-11 Decision Roles Played in Buying Influencer Initiator People whose views or advice influences the buying decision Person who suggests buying the product Decider The individual with power/financial authority to make the ultimate choice regarding which product to buy Buyer The person who concludes the transaction User The people who use the product 6 10/1/12 Designing For Women a word on how consumers search •  Quick exercise – those roles in your life •  Who was eac...
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