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Anything of value to a market that can be oered

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Unformatted text preview: Is Bought By A Consumer Is Unique Can Enjoy A Long Life Span Can Command A Premium Price Has FuncOonal And Non- FuncOonal Value 3 10/1/12 Know that brands get built top down (what the companies want) and bo4om up (what the consumer makes it to be) 7 What is a Product? •  Anything of value to a market that can be offered through a markeOng exchange –  Physical objects (goods) –  Services –  Places –  People, communiOes –  Ideas, causes –  OrganizaOons –  Events, experiences... •  People don’t buy features, they buy benefits 8 4 10/1/12 Terms to know Product line: A grouping of branded products carrying the same branding, produced by the same company, meeOng perhaps a small or wide variety of consumer needs. Product width: Within the...
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