Brand equity enables brand extensions brand licensing

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Unformatted text preview: products at a manufacturer Product Category: A grouping of products which do roughly the same things or sold roughly the same way Breadth & Depth within a category: wide (breadth) means lots of products, depth means lots of variety. 14 7 10/1/12 Growing brands •  Line extension: addiOon of a new product to an exisOng line (increase product depth) •  Brand extension: addiOon of a new line, unrelated to others (increase product breadth) •  IN THE REAL WORLD these are more interchangable – at their heart is the idea of “extending the brand” THAT is important 15 Categorizing Consumer Brands By Brand Names Corporate or Family Corporate + Product Line Individual By Brand Ownership Manufacturer Store/Private Label Generic 16 8 10/1/12 Brand Equity •  Brand equity: added value for a product from a well- known, respected brand name –  Brand awareness –  Perceived value –  Brand associaOons –  Brand loyalty •  Strong brand equity enables: –  Brand extensions –  Brand licensing –  Co- branding 17 Brand Loyalty •  A measurement of how many product category purchases for each consumer are made up of the brand in quesOon –  What % of your soda pop purchas...
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