If you make several types the average is 78100 9 fast

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Unformatted text preview: hat the “cultural norm” isn’t always the best way to meet a horizontal segments’ needs – there is no perfect anything 8 4 10/5/12 Bonus takeaway That the more you make products – differenOate them, posiOon them – to the right targets, the more you make those targets happy As Gladwell said, if you have one “ok” coffee, it gets 60/100. If you make several types, the average is 78/100. 9 Fast Food Junkies: “I enjoy a great burger and get them all the 2me. I usually get whatever’s on special and super- size it.” 94% 69% QSR 88% 61% Brand X 69% 43% Treats Burgers Chicken Skews men 25+ Customer Profile: Wendy’s is brand “for me”; Tim Horton’s #2, Brand X #3. To connect, brand must be “cool” “contemporary”, “energe2c” and “fun”. Treats or food snack is reason for Brand X. Go 1.13...
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