Heracles - Heracles Roman: Hercules Strongest man in the...

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Heracles Roman: Hercules Strongest man in the world, only overcome by supernatural forces Hero of all Greeks Not so smart Strong emotions Bad temper Agrees to all punishments from temper Birth story o Alcmena’s dad attacked by pirates, all but one son is killed o Left kingdom and daughter with him nephew, Amphitryon Amphitryon killed Alcmena’s dad before he left o Amphitryon and Alcmena run to Thebes to get rid of the deed and get married Amphitryon must avenge Alcmena’s brothers’ deaths before she will sleep with him o Whole Amphitryon is gone, Zeus sleeps with Alcmena disguised as Amphitryon Real Amphitryon comes back and she sleeps with him too o Alcmena ends up pregnant with twins by different fathers o Hera wants to kill the twins, jealous of affair Sends snakes after the babies, Heracles kills the snakes and now it is clear which is the son of Zeus Grows up, parents want him to have the best education o Linus son of Orpheus hired as his tutor, music teacher o Learns to play the lyre, not so good – keeps breaking the instrument Blames the teacher and accidently kills him o Sent into exile Went to a kingdom that was being bothered by a lion o Kills lion and king takes him in o Kind wanted grandchildren Sends his 50 daughters to sleep with Heracles Marries Megara o Hera not happy that Heracles is happy o Drives him insane and he kills Megara and their three sons o Insanity is gone and he is devastated
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Oracle tells him that he is a defiler and he needs to serve his cousin and do 12 tasks 12 Labors o Peloponnesian labors Nemean lion – kill it Skin is impenetrable Strangles it with is bare hands OR beats it to death
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Heracles - Heracles Roman: Hercules Strongest man in the...

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