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demand s total market potential suspect pool

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Unformatted text preview: CURRENT DEMAND (CONT.) DEMAND s Total Market Potential: » Suspect pool » Prospect pool s Area Market Potential » Market-buildup method: s s s Difficult to gather information Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) North American Industrial Classification (NAICS) » Multiple factor index method: s s Buying Power Index: – BPI=.5Y + .3 R + .2P Where: Y=income, R=retail sales, P=population Y=income, Industry Sales and market Share: » A. C. Nielsen reports ESTIMATING FUTURE DEMAND DEMAND s Survey of Buying Intentions/Purchase Probability Survey Scales Scales » SRC of the University of Michigan s s s Sales Force Composites/opinions Expert Opinions Past-Sales Analysis » » » » s Time series analysis Exponential smoothing Statistical demand analysis Econometric analysis Market Test Method » New product introduction...
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