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S developing research plan developing data sources s

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Unformatted text preview: ch. s Developing Research Plan: Developing » Data sources s s secondary secondary primary data » Research approaches s s s s s observational focus group research survey research behavioral data behavioral Experimental MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS (CONT.) PROCESS s Developing Research Plan (cont.) » Research instruments-questionnaires s s s closed-ended open-ended mechanical » sampling plan: s s probability non-probability. » contact methods: s s s s mail survey telephone survey telephone personal interviews(arranged or intercept). Internet MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS (CONT.) PROCESS s Data Collection: » Interviewer errors Interviewer » Response errors s Data Analysis: » Quantitative tools-multivariate techniques s Present findings: » » » » s Frequency counts Frequency Analysis of statistical results Recommendations Managerial Implications Final research report MARKETING RESEARCH MARKETING PROCESS (CONT.) s The Characteristics of Good Marketing research: » Scientific method: s Hypothesis testing » Research creativity: s Innovative research » Multiple methods: s Sources of better information » Interdependence of models and data » Value and cost of information: s Value of information » Healthy skepticism: s Assumptions » Ethical marketing MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS (CONT.) PROCESS s Overcoming Barriers: » A narrow conception of research: s Some managers think it is a fact finding operations » Uneven caliber of marketing researchers » Late and occasional erroneous findings: s Some managers do not trust the findings » Personality differences: s Line and staff people MARKETING DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM SUPPORT MDSS is a coordinated collection of data with supporting software by which an organization supporting gathers and interprets relevant info...
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