4 other factors we also examine the effect of

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Unformatted text preview: h games gold medal with a historic rank 2 in badminton ratings. 3. Influence of Cricket There has been a neglect of other sports in terms of viewership and support base due to the popularity of cricket as other sports don’t get enough sponsors. Premier Hockey League (P.H.L) was a valiant effort by ESPN to popularize hockey in India but had to be shut down due to negative balance sheets. A vicious cycle plagues them as the lack of sponsorship is due to a dearth of viewership which will improve only when the medals arrive which directly depend on the amount of facilities a sportsperson can avail. This can be seen observed the fact that the advertising rate for a 10 second slot at Commonwealth games opening ceremony was rupees 90,000 for 10 seconds whereas the same figure for the IPL-3 finals was 10 lakh rupees. 4. Other Factors We also examine the effect of indicators such as population, GDP, health and also the variables of information (radios per capita) and access (road length per unit of land area) on a country’s performance. All other things being equal, we would expect to be able to predict the Olympic medals won by a country based upon its share in global population. The first column of prediction shows that such an analysis does not work in the case of India. National wealth undoubtedly plays an important role in a country’s capacity to produce athletes. The second column shows the predicted medal count based upon the natural log of the country’s population as well as its GDP per capita. A promising young athlete will clearly be less likely to develop into an Olympian if he or she is unable to remain healthy. In addition, lack of information and lack of access can effectively exclude large sections of a country’s population from the competition. So when we take all the factors into account as in column 3, the average discrepancy falls to 12.65. Although health, information availability (radios) and accessibility (roads) directly depend on wealth, they should not...
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