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Current scenario there is a reason for joy for india

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Unformatted text preview: orts in India. This is where our efforts towards bringing a change can reap maximum benefits. Another major problem for India is the number of people who can effectively participate in sports which should not be estimated based on the population it has because everyone in India does not have equal access to competitive sports. We examine what country characteristics are associated with greater success in the Olympics by considering indicators such as population, GDP, health and also the variables of information (radios per capita) and access (road length per unit of land area). We also analyse the reason behind the success of China as a sporting nation which can be largely attributed to its focus on grassroot development of talent and efforts towards creating a world class sporting infrastructure. Current Scenario There is a reason for joy for India when she sees her record breaking medal tally of 101 medals including 38 gold medals and its best ever second position at the recent Commonwealth games held at New Delhi. But the following statistics show that this performance doesn’t reflect on the world stage. India has participated in 22 Olympic Games so far and has fetched just 20 medals which makes it less than 1 medal per games. From 1928 to 1980, India won an unprecedented 11 medals in hockey, 8 of them gold. But when the game switched to Astro turf at the 1976 Montreal games, it simply could not adapt to it. A major reason for this was the lack of Astro turf surfaces in the country so the players still used to practice on grass. Since then it hasn’t won a single medal in hockey and the standards dropped so low that in 2008 Beijing games India didn’t even qualify for the hockey event. Figures show that most countries bagged an Olympic medal in Sydney or in Athens for every two gold/silver medals (2.2 to be precise) won in the 2002 Commonwealth Games. If we ignore the major exception, namely India, this correlation has a coefficient of 0.98. Reasons for Debacle 1. Lack of Resources In 2009-10, total budget for sports and physical...
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