4 behavioral change at scale by lydia howland michael

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Unformatted text preview: an approach to 11th Five year plan, Planning Commission, Government of India. 4. Behavioral Change at Scale by Lydia Howland Michael Phillips Moskowitz 5. Report on Education Summit: Innovating for Excellence, Confederation of Indian Industries, 2007 6. The Tragedy of the Commons, by Garrett Hardin 7. Education for Sustainable Development in Action Technical Paper N° 2 – 2005 UNESCO Education Sector 8. India and the World: Scenarios to 2025, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2006 9. Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, Version 2, July 2002 by Rosalyn McKeown, Ph.D. Web references: 1.‐system‐of‐india‐its‐functions‐drawbacks‐and‐its‐ contribution/ 2.‐‐must‐be‐our‐immediate‐ priority//403863/ Page 9 3. Appendix I Figure 1 India's Poor Education index is dragging our Human Development Index Page 10 Figure 2: Public expenditure on education as a percentage of GDP (blue) and as a percentage of expenditure on all sectors together. Appendix II Figure 3: Enrolment in Elementary Education Page Figure 4 Major Education Statistics 2004‐05 11...
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