Because of this broad influence in curriculum design

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Unformatted text preview: reaped. Because of this broad influence in curriculum design and implementation, as well as policy setting within educational institutions, education institutions are perfectly poised to attend our nation’s call of bringing a change among the youth. We can surely not imagine how the youth of all nations could move toward a more sustainable world without the contribution of educators from around the globe. If we take a look back at number of petitions, public policies and new laws introduced to address the current challenges, there should have been a considerable amount of change in our conditions. The threats that have become more prominent should have slackened off. Beyond doubt we have missed something. We have neglected the power of behavioural change. “Sustainability”, as catchy and enthralling as ever, has always enjoyed the luxury of until or unless everyone of us brings the change in our mindset and lifestyle which we want Page everything, it has still not find any place in daily lives of common man especially youth and 6 just being associated with energy crisis and environmental transformations. Inspite of to see into the world, we are still on the way to a point of no return. Still obsessed with technology, we haven’t realised the importance of behavioural change, the importance of an individual’s choice which finally decides the fate of public policies. It’s time for individuals to realise the threats we face today and play a role as agents of change. We need to understand the very “public” consequences of our personal actions. Education institutions like schools and universities can help make this happen by crafting and broadcasting education that reaches the youth. The road ahead It is very simple to say that the education system has to play its role but to introduce such a system is not an easy task. It would need a lot of research and discussions before we could finalize the changes that need to be introduced. So the part of our task therefore is to develop networks across faculties and disciplines thereby enabling joint discussions that will explore and theorize relationships and issues among social, economic, and environmental dimensions of su...
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