These processes of inquiry theory development and

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Unformatted text preview: stainable development. These processes of inquiry, theory development, and critical dialog are what will culminate in real outcomes, certainly not just imposing the concept of sustainable development on others. The research has discovered four important issues which would certainly help us the way we deliver education and train the youth: • The education should encourage “Empathy”. Promoting more dialogs would play an important role in whether it is crafting public policies for the nation or developing a product for the customers. • It should encourage “Innovations”. We know that our conventional model of education has failed. It would help us spreading the education and improving the whole experience of education. Good news is that 14 Innovation Universities aiming at World Class standards are proposed across XI and XII Plan period in India. “Viability” is very important and not just “existence”. We have to deliver a clear message that it is more important to implement viable policies/solutions and sustain them rather than randomly doing n number of new things. Though there are new IIT’s, IIM’s and NIT’s that are being set-up, we have to also make sure that the ones also. 7 quality of education for which these institutions are acclaimed is sustained in the new Page • • We have to educate ourselves to “Evaluate” and not just monitor our actions taken as a part of improving the education system. This helps us stay committed to our efforts, once we can see the positive change they are creating. As in the reports by MHRD they have put lucrative statistics but fail to highlight the several cascade implications. Measuring the impact The impact of new policies/amendments/resolutions introduced in education system can be clearly classified into two classes: outputs and outcomes. • Output would include the number of new institutions set-up, policies/schemes launched, and the percentage of GDP spent on education (which is just about 4% as against...
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