This young population is as an invaluable asset which

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Unformatted text preview: Plan. This young population is as an invaluable asset which if equipped with knowledge and skills, can contribute effectively to the development of the national as well as the global economy. So the question poised in front of us as a nation is whether we are evolving our education system or not? When asked about his views on Indian Education System, Dr. Amartya Sen says that our higher education system is widespread, and while the quality of it is very mixed, there are still a lot of people getting reasonable higher education. But our primary and secondary education system is poorly managed and yet to achieve its goals. India has about 550 million people under the age of 25 years out of which only 11% are enrolled in tertiary institutions compared to the world average of 23%. When large groups are systematically neglected, like girls, especially from economic and social underdog families, the social penalties are gigantic. According to UNESCO’s Global Monitoring Report 2006, out of 771 million illiterates in the world, 268 million are estimated to be residing in our country — nearly onethird of the world's non-literates. Even though India's GDP has recorded a very high growth rate in the recent past, the inferior literacy status of our country has contributed to the lowering of our position in the UNDP’s Human Development Index In the present context, education policies and strategies lack to consider the emerging challenges and opportunities that come from increasing population and very importantly globalization as well. The task of nation building has to take into account increasing demand for certain professional skills and also inculcate values of social responsibility so as to achieve inclusive, equitable &sustainable growth. Both the quality and quantity has to be Page 4 improved in our education system and certainly with a faster pace. The need for responsible education Considering the global challenges we face today, it is not easy to predict our future on th...
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