Though we have faced equally fazing things in the

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Unformatted text preview: is planet. Though we have faced equally fazing things in the past and overcame them with our efforts and ingenuity, situations are likely to exacerbate this time. And one of the reasons for this would be neglecting the “individual choices” that play a central role in policy implementation. We have to realize that these choices cannot be forcefully managed but only by goodwill. And in a country like India where about 35% of population is under 14 years of age, neglecting the choices of youth would be penny wise and pound foolish. Their behaviour plays a very important role in shaping the future of the nation. As it may seem that educational centres like schools and universities have very little direct impact but the verity is that these knowledge foundations are essential part of society which engrave behaviour patterns in youth and shape their tender minds. Academicians can make this happen by crafting and reviving the education system that fosters social responsibility and sustainability by connecting it with deep personal motivations which drives them to take right personal actions. Considering the seriousness of social malaise coupled with the environmental challenges, it has become more difficult for India as a young leader to carry on its growth. From Jammu Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and Gujarat to Manipur, there are regional issues that have put shackles on our progress. Environmental challenges like irregular rains, rising temperature due to climate change and slump in energy supplies, water shortage due to environment degradation has just added to our pain. Inspite of the fact that India has been blessed with myriad natural resources and a young population, we are facing a number of challenges that are still left to be answered. And if we take a closer look, there is seems to be very clear relationship between the social turmoil with the environmental challenges as if the whole trap is being weaved of by the two together. Though a lot of news has been created about the two individually, we have failed to draw a connection...
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