Costs in bangalore are much more reasonable and range

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Unformatted text preview: al capital of India, goes for $121 per square foot per year, more than double that of downtown New York. Costs in Bangalore are much more reasonable and range from `1700 per square foot in the central business district to `850 in the suburbs. 4. Political stability- China and India have their own socio, political and economic-competitive and comparative advantages. Looking forward, the success of these nations in the outsourcing market will depend on the stability and governmental influence in their respective countries. In India, there is province-led support for homegrown free-market organizations. In China, under the country's Five-Year Plans--aimed at turning its economy from mostly manufacturing to including services--the government has given strong support to boost the local outsourcing industry. It has done this by supporting outsourcing centers, temporarily removing business taxes on offshore local contracts, and opening up more jobs in the industry. Figures And Facts Attributes Size of offshoring market China 6,252.1 million US dollars(IT)+ 20,343.2 million US dollars(misc) Manufacturing and IT, manufacturing, kpo, pharmaceuticals IT are also rising but minutely contribute at present. 2700 thousand 5873 thousands(CIA factbook) Others Quite diffuse and small but rising English speaking population 20% (at minimum) 5% Philippines‐ 48% Most valuable customers US and Europe (more than 60% of business) Investigates and cooperates with the U.S. companies on reported IP violations. NASSCOM a central and independent body governing and supporting IT Japan Encourages staff to protect client IP. China leads both in number and quality Although Philippines has large proportion but in total size India leads India has an edge having valuable customers India’s advantage No such body as NASSCOM but are trying to have such BPAP is the umbrella organization for the Philippines NASSCOM, the most popular and powerful of these organizations Major offshoring business Annual university graduates Intellectual Property Protection Additional resource India `2500bn(only from IT) + rest Mostly IT Remarks India leads with sharing more than 50% of world market China’s business is more diversified but India is also finding new vistas business offshore oursourcing sector. significantly help for the cause. As China comes to the fore in this space, India remains ahead of the game, which is not surprising given it has a 20-year lead in this space. To put it in context, the vendor industry in India is worth around $60 billion, whereas in China it is a fledgling industry, worth around $25 billion. A NASSCOM report recently said that growth in emerging verticals such as retail, healthcare and utility would be higher and they are growing three times faster than core verticals. Pharmaceuticals, biot...
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