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Unformatted text preview: IL can make a transition from being an accreditation agency to being a strategic partner to health care organizations which will benefit from CRISIL’s unique perspective, strategic advice and market intelligence that can maximise their bottom line results. CRISIL’s business development advisors can work collaboratively with each client to leverage on their achievements to create and sustain unique competitive advantages. • New Revenue Model Providing database content and consultancy services to private equity clients (for a fee) who wish to invest in healthcare sector. 16 • Design Rating/Grading System for Accreditation Agencies Example: Assisting Voluntary Organizations by defining procedure for accreditation of NGOs, mechanism of grading and suggest viable financial models for accreditation. • Performance Based Ratings With Health insurance companies are increasingly basing reimbursement to hospitals based on performance, performance ratings will become even more important. Challenges of Rating/ Grading • Fragmented Industry With large number of different format healthcare providers like multi-specialty, tertiary care and general hospitals it is an uphill task to set parameters which is standardised across the formats and benchmark one against the other. • Measuring effectiveness of treatment Patients may receive treatment by either suppressing or curing the ailment. With the two modes of treatment, it is complicated to assess the effectiveness of treatment seemingly because the duration of ailment being under control varies. • Benchmarking different Remedies Institutions offering Ayurveda /Homeopathy/Allopathy remedy cannot be compared and benchmarked against each other as they would differ from each other in terms of length of patient stay, duration of treatment among other factors. Conclusion: Optimum safety and performance is cornerstone to every healthcare delivery. Accreditation is an incentive to improve quality of care. A transparent system of evaluation and accredit...
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