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Unformatted text preview: mendationsRatings on basis of the following parameters Hospitals are considered to be a capital- Gestation time for hospital operations intensive business with long gestation EBITDA per bed per day periods. Capital Structure & Debt Servicing The private providers seek FDI and Format of the hospital (tertiary, multiPrivate Equity Investments even for specialty, general) expansion. Market Position Making hospitals hot-spots for Medical Specialty Care Ratings Tourism Rating of a hospital which houses cardiac, maternity oncology etc. specialty centres. Success Rate in Surgeries Nurses attending per bed Hospital Assessment Ratings of: Number of doctors in department Patient Satisfaction (Length of Stay, Costs) Bed Occupancy rate Frequency of Clinical Audits Certification and Quality Systems Emergency Service 11 Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies: Opportunities My recommendationsRatings on basis of the following parameters Business Analysis Market Position R&D Spends as % of Turnover Patents held by the company Number of NDDS & NCE in pipeline Strategies in regulated markets Financials: Profit Margins Capital Structure & Debt Servicing Receivables Management Logistic providers may be the weakest link Ratings of Cold Chain Logistics: in the supply chain of drugs, by the time it On maintenance of temperature at all reaches the end consumer points of- 43% of critical product deficiencies due to ineffective temperature monitoring during control storage • and and transportation. Storage at Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer • Handling • Distribution 25% of all vaccine products arrive at their final destination in a degraded state. Measurability of temperature at all points Implications: Deaths due to consumption of transit of deteriorated drugs Doctor & Patient Feedback on Drugs Drug Ratings: Efficacy in treatment Side Effects Tolerance to Side Effects Drug price vis-à-vis competitor (drug molecule being the same) 12 Health Insurance: Current Issues faced My recommendationsRatings on basis of the following parameters Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are an For the Insurance companies to choose the interface between insurance companies and right TPA, the TPA could be rated on: consumers for better claims management and • Number of claims settled • % closeness to actual expenses value added services such as cash less hospitalization. Now, most insurance companies prefer to keep this...
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