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Unformatted text preview: • Force the institute to develop its competencies and improve as an organization 1.2.Current State of Accreditations India does not possess any significant accreditation systems such as EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA which exist to evaluate their global peers. The National Board of Accreditation instituted • National Assessment & Accreditation Council • All India Council for Technical Education These accreditations are tailor-made for the level of Indian B-Schools. These accreditations do hold a status of legality associated with them but yet they don’t have the perception of high quality associated with them since they award their accreditation to hundreds of B-schools unlike international bodies such as EQUIS, AMBA or AACSB. 1.3.Type of Disclosures For different stake-holders of the institute, the importance of disclosure of information is important to make the right kind of decisions. We have identified the primary disclosures by segregating the stake-holders and mapping the disclosures with stake-holders’ interests. 2. Methodology We did a fact-based perceptual survey of 14 Business Schools – 7 Indian and 7 Global Schools and based on the information available on the website we have rated their disclosure levels. The grading is done with respect to the level of disclosure demonstrated by B-schools. Inadequate information on the same has led to a reduction in the grade given in that parameter. The websites have been studied objectively to come up with these grades. With these trends we can come up with a reasonable inference of what is deviant in Indian Business Schools compared to its global peers and do a root-cause analysis. 2.1.Key Global Business School Disclosure Trends (Exhibit A) As evident from the perceptual disclosure mapping carried out for the Ivy League schools in US, Canada and Europe, the most diligent disclosures are made in Admission & Suitability, Detailed placement statistics, Faculty & Research and Curriculum related details. Alumni related deta...
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