345 indicating weak reliability the main inferences

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Unformatted text preview: ple use for researching was 0.505 indicative of medium reliability. The same for parameters chosen for determining standing of B-school has been 0.345 indicating weak reliability. The main inferences of this primary study are: • Standardized correlation beta is 0.642 for Placements indicating a medium-strong relation with Reputation of the college (Exhibit 1). • Alumni & rankings presence form the primary sources of evaluating schools. (Exhibit 2). • Among parameters that are considered for evaluating the standing of the school the factors are (Reputation, Admissions & Placements) among others which categorize segments into 3 types of applicants i.e. o Oriented towards monetary benefits (Reputation, Admission & Placements), o Oriented towards education (Peer & Faculty) o Oriented towards exposure and hands-on experience (Industry interaction, infrastructure, tie-ups) (Refer. Ex. 3). • Placements and Reputation are primary factors to evaluate a B-school. 4. A Dire Need of Reliable Rankings Thus our initial inference of disclosure levels being high in websites will not help in applicants making the right decisions because their primary source is either Rankings or Alumni. Since internet is still not wide-spread in the country, the accessibility to websites is less while rankings are still available through online and offline media (magazines). Hence there is a strong need of a ranking system that is unbiased and objective. The disclosure of an institute on web-site presents as its primary mode of disclosure. Hence if institutes are mandated to carry out full disclosure of placements, faculty, admission criteria and curriculum, the same can be used by an objective ranking provider. This is where CRISIL Business Grading (Proposed to be worked upon) will help if AICTE and Ministry of Human Resource Development can mandate disclosures for schools in India. This implies that only when disclosure norms are normalized for all schools, can rankings be effective. Alternately placements are highly correlated with reputation need to be organized by the institute which will force B-schools to have disclosures. As seen earlier, ISB and o...
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