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41benefitsofrankingsgrading some of the benefits

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Unformatted text preview: ther global Ivy League Schools are high on placement disclosures because they are managed by institute-led Career-management offices and not by student placement bodies. 4.1.Benefits of Rankings/Grading: Some of the benefits derived from a reliable grading/ranking are: • A single-point measure to evaluate a school • Performance of a school over years can be easily done • A composite grading of a tier of schools using different weightages of parameters mentioned in the survey • Web-sites can act as supplements to applicants and ranking agencies 5. Recommendation & Conclusion Our findings prove that Indian B-schools lag in certain disclosure norms compared to their global peers in that – Placements, Curriculum, Admissions & Suitability and Faculty details. However the contemporary applicant only finds Placements and reputation main criteria. Thus if the disclosure levels of Placements are made more stringent by AICTE or a related body – which can be done by dissolving student Placement bodies and Career Management offices that are run by the Institute administration, the full disclosures will be ensured. Other disclosures should be made available on the website for prospective applicants as more applicants begin to use websites as the preferred way to evaluate a school. 6. APPENDICES Harvard Detailed Placement statistics Richard INSEAD, Wharton North Business GSB Ivey, France Business Western School Suitability Chicago Business Admission & London School School Kellogg Canada Infrastructure Faculty & Research/Publi cations Pedagogy Curriculum Reach & Partnerships Alumni Updates ISB Admission & Suitability Detailed Placements statistics IIM IIM IIM IIM Ahmedabad Calcutta Lucknow Kozhikode XLRI FMS Infrastructure Faculty & Research/Publ ications Pedagogy Curriculum Reach/Partner ships Alumni Students Clubs/ Initiatives Updates Benchmarked Disclosure Levels of Indian Schools with Global B-schools (Exhibit B) Exhibit 1 Dependence of School Reputation on Placeme...
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