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Unformatted text preview: ements alone.(Source: Google Statistics) Thus the emphasis on curriculum design, restructuring and showcasing has been of lesser leverage. • Knowledge Pool Shortage Better pay packages attract the top-talent of academicians to foreign and private universities. To get a perspective out of the 5 Top Ivy League schools in US, at one given point 2 have had Deans of Indian nationality. Around 10% of any faculty in Ivy League schools is of Indian nationality. 2.4. Impact of these Disclosures in India In India, though IIM Calcutta having the least disclosures it is still the preferred campus for recruitments and one of the preferred destinations of students to pursue their MBA. This shows that the impact of disclosures is not as severe as one might think from the outset in the past. This requires identifying those dimensions of a school that a prospective candidate, or recruiter or a graduate studying considers important for the B-school’s standing. 3. Primary Research We carried out a sample survey of 45 respondents from across institutes using an online survey asking them the main characteristics they considered important in deciding the reputation of the Business school. Out the respondents, 70% were graduates pursuing MBA, 25% were MBA aspirants and 5% were MBAs who had passed out. Most questions required the respondent to rank preferences in terms of source of research done while selection of a B-school and what dimensions of reputation are considered when judging a B-school’s standing. The Questionnaire can be found at this link: Xc6MQ 3.1.Results & Inference The following results were found from the survey; around 20% of respondents said that they would not/would not carry out a research while selecting a B-school. Out of this 56% were ones who were currently studying or passed out from a B-school. The others were general population who were not related to MBA. The Cronbach Alpha of sources that peo...
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