The best disclosure was by xlri with a 118 page

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Unformatted text preview: of Business (ISB) and Xaviers’ Labor Research Institute (XLRI) detailing the faculty, content of their curriculum. The best disclosure was by XLRI with a 118 page document mentioning the latest course-outlines. Faculty disclosures are important to gauge the student-faculty ratio. However not many schools mentioned their split of resident faculty and visiting faculty with IIM Kozhikode, ISB, XLRI being one of the few ones to do it. To summarize, in comparison to the global schools, the disclosure parameters in which Indian BSchools lagged were Admission & Suitability, Placements, Curriculum and Faculty. 2.3.Reasons Contributing to the Disclosure­Divide Some of the main reasons for the divide include: • Ignorance about relevance of MBA MBA is considered to be the route of the desperate and directionless – most of them being commerce & engineering graduates with the average age of an MBA in India being 23 (Source: compared to their global peers doing an MBA at 28. More than suitability, the placements figures are considered to be criteria to select a Bschool which highlights the over-emphasis of placement statistics by the school and the media which contributes to the hype • Student-run Placement Bodies Placements in India apart from ISB are carried out by student placement bodies. Since the institute is not directly responsible in this, the level of disclosures is not mandated by anyone and is to the sole discretion of the student body. Depending on the disclosure levels of schools according to their convenience, other schools follow suit by publishing similar data to compete. ISB has been publishing more comprehensive data in comparison its Indian peers but it still needs to go miles before it can attain global disclosure norms. • Focus on Placements more compared to Academics Since the focus on placements is so high, thanks to media’s extensive coverage only on placements front compared to other issues. For example, the total coverage obtained by IIMs consists of 82% of coverage related to plac...
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