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The most deviations in disclosures were found with 1

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Unformatted text preview: ils were also available in most of the Business School websites with dedicated portals for their networking. The most deviations in disclosures were found with 1 year programs due to lesser networking among alumni and reach and partnerships. While most of the parameters found adequate disclosures from all other Ivy League schools. Curriculum disclosures were done aptly with descriptions of subjects and the faculty associated with it. Some schools such as North-Western Kelloggs also mentioned the list of sample electives taken by students in the current academic year. 2.2.Key Indian Business School Disclosure Trends (Exhibit B)n Top Indian Business Schools can be categorized into Govt. run B-Schools with autonomy and privately run B-schools. A trend of deviation is seen in the disclosure reporting of these two categories. More disclosures are seen from the privately run B-Schools compared to the autonomy-wielding schools such as the IIMs. The most neglected aspect of these institutes was lack of information on Suitability of candidates for their program structure. Factual details on admission policies and deadlines were more prominently displayed in these web-sites. Detailed placement statistics was something that was missing across institutes except Indian School of Business which had a better degree of reporting on their 80% Median/Mean salaries and Sector-specific salaries and the exhaustive list of recruiters. Other B-schools mentioned only their main recruiters, mean and highest salary, not mentioning their lowest package. Some other schools displayed all the recruiters’ list which may or may not have participated in the current year placements to inflate the list. Compensation splits on sign-on bonuses, CTC, take-home pays were not mentioned. Infrastructure in terms of class-rooms and other related infrastructure were not quantified in case of some of the IIMs. Curriculum details were just enlisted without detailing with the exception of IIM Lucknow, Indian School...
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