A larger number of students are choosing not to

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Unformatted text preview: ures in Western Europe, has reduced the opportunities of overseas private employment. A larger number of students are choosing not to pursue education in the US or Europe, and many fresh management graduates have discovered, to their dismay, that private employment even within India has shrunk, and so have the pay packages. On the other hand, with the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission, public sector employment has emerged as a popular alternative to a private sector facing one of its worst confidence crises. Thus, with this scenario in the backdrop, the question that now emerges is- Should the Indian youth, that had drifted off towards high-flying private employment, give serious consideration to the Indian Civil Services as a career option??? The Dilemma of the Indian Youth Today, as the Indian economy and society matures and strives to complete the transition to economic prosperity, Young India will have to understand that careers cannot be determined or altered every time there is a faith deficit in either the state or the market. Fluctuations, if dealt with maturely, allow institutions to emerge stronger. Just as there are market corrections, there are crises of integrity in the bureaucracy whenever a corruption scandal surfaces. However, these situations should be seen as opportunities to increase transparency and accountability, rather than clamouring for the substitution of one institution by another. As the previous discussion on the tenets of a liberal economy displayed, the focus should be on the complementarity of enterprise and governance. Thus, when it comes to choosing a career, the question is not on which side to take, but on what role to play. The choice of a career depends on a large variety of factors, such as financial expectations, personal ambitions, social recognition, aspirations to contribute to the society, etc. Those who write CAT, or are in general interested in management education, are mostly looking at high financial returns t...
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