On the other hand those who are considering the

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Unformatted text preview: hrough a career in the corporate world, and often have entrepreneurial ambitions. On the other hand, those who are considering the Indian Civil services are those who are looking to play a direct role in inclusive development, by working in those sectors where government participation enhances social opportunities without hindering the efficiency of private enterprise. While the managers and entrepreneurs look to create wealth and increase the size of the economic pie, the civil servants focus on redistributing the wealth and dividing the pie equitably. Conclusion I believe that we, the Indian youth, need to re-orient our perspectives when it comes to making a career choice. Let us not fall prey to the ever-lasting debate of which institution- the market or the state- is a more appropriate domain to work in. Instead, we need to realize that as long as we can deliver the goods and do justice to our abilities and responsibilities that come with either career option, both the paths can lead to self-fulfilment. Clarity of priorities is of the essence, for however alluring the path may be, if it does not allow an individual to explore himself/herself, it shall only lead to bitterness, which, in the larger picture, can never be a socially optimal outcome for any economy. Bibliography 1. Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen (2002), India: Development and Participation, OUP 2. Thomas Friedman, The World Is Flat 3. Times of India Crest Edition 4. The Hindu 5.
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