Kumhof d laxton and j lee 2009a the case for global

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Unformatted text preview: look, IMF April 2010 • Freedman, C., M. Kumhof, D. Laxton, and J. Lee (2009a), “The Case for Global Fiscal Stimulus”, IMF Staff Position Paper No. 09/04 (Washington, DC. : International Monetary Fund). • IMF Working Paper WP/09/225 “Fiscal Stimulus to the Rescue? Short-Run Benefits and Potential Long-Run Costs of Fiscal Deficits” Prepared by Charles Freedman, Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton, Dirk Muir and Susanna Mursula November 2009 • International Monetary Fund, 2009 b, Coping with the Crisis: Policy Options for Emerging Market Economies, Research Department. • WP/09/106 IMF Working Paper “Fiscal Stimulus with Spending Reversals” Prepared by Giancarlo Corsetti, André Meier, and Gernot Müller May 2009 • Spilimbergo, Antonio, Steve Symansky, Olivier Blanchard and Carlo Cottarelli, 2008, “Fiscal Policy for the Crisis,” IMF Staff Position Note 08/01 (Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund). • Auebach, Alan, 2008, “How much should we rely on fiscal stimulus” presentation at the Symposium on fiscal stimulus organized by the Federal Reserve • Elmendorf, Douglas and Jason Furman, 2008, “If, When, How: A Primer on Fiscal Stimulus,” The Hamilton Project, Strategy Paper, The Brookings Institution, January 2008. • WP/10/123 IMF Working Paper “Fiscal Stimulus and Credibility in Emerging Countries” Prepared by Magda Kandil and Hanan Morsy May 2010 • International Monetary Fund, 2008, “World Economic Outlook. Financial Stress, Downturns, and Recoveries,” October, Chapter 5. • Indian Economic Survey 2008-09 • “Fiscal stimulus plans: the need for a global new deal” by Isabel Ortiz • “Is more fiscal stimulus needed?” Expert round up, Council on Foreign Relations....
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