3 mentors should be assigned to young professionals

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Unformatted text preview: d working for self-reinforcing rewards is highly motivating and engaging. (3) Mentors should be assigned to young professionals. Communication between them fosters their relationship as well as creates an environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge. Mentors can provide their expertise and strategies to the talent and enthusiasm of the young workforce. Young professionals will welcome advice that will help them build skills and experiences. Such two-way communication can be done through channels including group projects, team-building activities, informal chats, brainstorming sessions and training. Companies should strongly encourage group coaching and utilize project teams. This also helps in making the new arrivals feel welcome, and they feel connected and engaged within the business community. Mentoring also helps young workers effectively manage themselves and how to be properly managed by their employer. (4) Younger professionals lose interest and their drive to work once they sense the lack of opportunities to advance themselves as well as their careers. Therefore, modules of training and learning opportunities should be periodically offered to keep young professionals engaged. The workplace should have area initiatives that enhance and promote the community as a destination to work and play. The company should understand the importance 7 of “perks” to young professionals; they like flexibility in their schedule to maintain the work-life balance. Local entertainment events, sports and outdoor recreation parks, picnics, etc have always attracted this generation. The company should seek and promote avenues such as discounts, free giveaways, group events and corporate activities as effective incentives for young workers. A prime example of such incentives is the promise of financial help for young professionals to further their education with an MBA; however, this benefit should be afforded to only deserving and meritorious employees. (5) One of the keys to motivate young professionals is providing constructive feedback. Yo...
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