So in simple terms a young professional is someone

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Unformatted text preview: 5 years of work experience. So in simple terms a young professional is someone who is between the ages of 23 and 30. These individuals are also known as Millennials or the Generation Y. Generation Y is referred to as the age to enter the workforce and the workforce is in need of them. It is also the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. It is estimated that only 19 percent of young employees are actively engaged at work at any one time, while another 19 percent are actively disengaged. Disengaged employees directly harm productivity. And employees are 3 disengaged owing to boredom (of different sorts) and resort to personal emails, surfing the Internet, playing online games, drinking while at work, even falling asleep and abusing drugs, all of which usually leads to the divorce between the employee and the company eventually. And the prime solution for employees to avoid this downward spiral is to remain engaged. Companies spend an enormous amount of time and money trying to keep their employees actively engaged and committed. On the brighter side, active engagement at work improves individual wellbeing and attendance, employee retention, effort and performance, quality, sales performance, income and turnover, profit, customer satisfaction, shareholder return, business growth, and success. So we can define employee engagement as an activity which starts from recruitment and succeeds / culminates with retentions. HR directors need to understand the psyche of these recent graduates to successfully integrate them into the workplace. They need to grasp the young professional’s attitudes, ethics and the things he/she values. Career development programs, for example, are win-win situations for both the employer and the employee, and the organization as a whole. This Generation Y is very different from previous generations, and they have their pros and cons. PROS: They are demanding, have high expectations and aim to work faster and better than others. They thrive in collaborative environments. They expect a lot from themselves...
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