There should be an evidently stated purpose a goal

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Unformatted text preview: the corporation and the world as a whole. There should be an evidently stated purpose, a goal that the employee should be clear about. The young professional’s confident enthusiasm (“can do” attitude) and positive energy (“make friends” demeanor) ought to be met with creative challenges. They are more engaged if they get to employ their strengths on a daily basis. Also, it is crucial that the employees understand how their work helps the company’s activities and its mission. They are encouraged to improve when they recognize their leadership role and see it in the larger context. Young workers are keenly interested in economic development, workforce development, civic engagement and quality of life. They are excited to work for those companies that have the potential for growth and those that promote from within. Promoting from within demonstrates to the employees how much the company values mutual success. (2) As a reward for accomplishing tasks, the employee should be offered gradually increasing responsibility. “Moving up the ladder” is much-sought after among young workers; delayed gratification can adversely affect the company. Those who have the merit for a promotion do deserve it. Such leaders should be identified early on, and given opportunities and challenges to develop their leadership potential. Another way to make young professionals feel that their contributions are valued is to break-up large 6 projects into smaller, more manageable pieces and delegate responsibilities. The “milestones with measures” philosophy: setting smaller goals with tight deadlines are important to them as they can earn ownership of tasks. Providing a variety of tasks also help managers closely identify an employee’s areas of interest and aptitude. A change in responsibility is also important because working on one assignment for long periods of time is strongly disliked by this multi-tasking generation of workers. Goal-setting, in itself, helps people to experience plentiful, positive and meaningful rewards. An...
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