Through panel discussions and one on one meetings the

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Unformatted text preview: ung employees need to be coached before they assume complex responsibilities. Through panel discussions and one-on-one meetings, the managers should regularly inform the young workers about how to improve their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. For example, the overwhelming fluency of young professionals with the Internet and their need to incorporate technology into all facets of the job should not be reprimanded; in fact, it should be seen as an ingrained asset. Globalization doesn’t make them feel small; in fact, it makes them feel worldly. But business communication standards and etiquette should not be compromised. In the corporate world, feedback and assessment play a major role in professional development. Quality feedback that is timely, specific and genuine helps young employees to map their career plans. Also, the feedback has to be two-way. Often called “reverse mentoring,” the company should be attentive to what the young workers have to say. Unlike the older generation of employees, these new professionals are not shy or scared to share their 8 views and opinions, be it positive or negative. Companies should see this as an opportunity of self-evaluation and improvement. Overall, if a company wants to keep its young workforce engaged, it is imperative for it to understand that high performance will come from highmaintenance management. Generation Y employees expect their employer to mentor them to successfully grow personally as well as professionally. Generation Y likes challenges and chance to prove them. Thus as mature management we can work best with these Generation Y employees by being transparent and keeping on our word. 9 Bibliography • ASAE website • • 10...
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