6 governance there is information asymmetry in

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Unformatted text preview: carry out operational work as they demand high salaries. 5. Ecosystem – Since in most cases the markets are much less developed, there is unavailability of basic infrastructure to foster development. The CSR initiatives have to organize the entire value chain end-to-end, which is time consuming, expensive and burdens their business model that otherwise would have been low-cost. 6. Governance – There is information asymmetry in various public policies meant for promoting innovation. Further, various innovative ideas fail to get recognized and publicized and many a times are unable to get government funding for sustenance. This not only leads to inaccessibility of markets but also inhibits replication of ideas (either in full or in parts) in different regions or social strata. 15 | H o w s h o u l d y o u m e a s u r e C S R ? References [1] Web-Links a. b. c. d. e. f. wth_in_India-nid-68373.html [2] Sanjeev Kumar, IAS, Jt. Secretary & Project Director Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Government of Maharashtra. Innovations - The EMPI Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives, Vol. II, No. 2. A Case Study on Innovative Operationalization of Community Driven Approach. Pp 57-59. December 2008. [3] Mark A. Dutz. Unleashing India’s Innovation towards sustainable and inclusive growth. A Study by World Bank. Pp 1-23. Edition 2007 [4] Anuja Utz and Carl Dahlman. Promoting Inclusive Innovation. A Study by World Bank. Pp 105-128. Edition 2007 [5] Innovation Policy – A Guide for Developing Countries – World Bank Study. May 2010 [6] Narayana Hrudayalaya: A Model for Accessible, Affordable Health Care? Published: July 01, 2010 in India [email protected] [7] Ashish Karamchandani, Michael Kubzansky and Paul Frandano (Monitor Group). Emerging Markets, Emerging Models – Market based solutions to the challenges of global poverty. March 2009 [8] C K Prahald. Innovation’s Holy Grail. Harvard Business Review. July-August 2010 [9] Jeff Howe. The Rise of Crowdsourcing. Wired. June 2006, Retrieved in March 2007 [10] James D. Thompson and Ian C. MacMillan. Making Social Ventures Work. Harvard Business Review. September 2010 16 | H o w s h o u l d y o u m e a s u r e C S R ?...
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