Ck prahalad india must look to give the world the

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Unformatted text preview: Prahalad, “India must look to give the world the ‘next practices’, becoming a source of disruptive innovations that radically alter the competitive landscape. 1 ” The fact that India languishes at the 51st position in terms of Global Competitiveness 2 , points to the lack of such breakthrough innovations originating from India. This paper looks at the innovation style that is preponderant in India, along with its impact on the ability of the country to come up with breakthrough innovations. The paper provides insights into the issues that are faced not only in the conceptualization of radical ideas for breakthrough innovation, but also the challenges encountered by these ideas during execution. The paper further explores the need for the synergistic use of cumulative energies of the government, the organizations, the educational system, the R&D environment and the sociocultural norms in order to foster radical innovation in the country. Finally, the paper goes on to recommend the steps that should be taken by these entities in order to ensure that the combined effect of their actions leads to an environment that not only fuels creative and innovative thinking, but also facilitates the successful execution of these breakthr...
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