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Unformatted text preview: xhibit the “Comfortable Clone 4 Figure 5 in Appendix, Evalueserve Inc.; India Venture Capital Association and Venture Intelligence India Hewitt’s Attrition and Retention Study, APAC, 2006 6 Bill Ford, Former CEO – Ford Motor Company, 2006 5 8 | P a g e Syndrome” 7 , where-in they shoot down any idea or proposal that appears to deviate from their approach or point of view, resulting in the idea being starved for funds. Organizational Structure & Processes A large number of Indian firms are highly centralised, as a result of which most radical ideas, needing to traverse up the tall hierarchical ladder, are generally lost in this maze due to rejection by a gatekeeper at an intermediate stage. The traditional functional structuring of the organizations accentuated by the fact that there is minimal cross-communication and exchange often prevents individuals from adopting a panoramic view, which is a pre-cursor for breakthrough innovation. The insufficient knowledge management systems...
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