Organizations can address the comfortable clone

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Unformatted text preview: e altar of parochial mindset and conflicting thought processes, rather than having a monopsony; a network of internal angel investors needs to set up, providing ‘intrapreneurs’ with multiple sources of funding. Organizations can address the “Comfortable Clone Syndrome” by recruiting people from diverse backgrounds, thus ensuring a much greater level of tolerance and acceptance of ideas that might conflict with the personal chain of thought. Diversity and connectivity provide a fertile breeding ground for innovation by fuelling “creative abrasion”, which often results in the emergence of truly innovative ideas and solutions. 15 | P a g e Given the predominance of the functional organizational structure, organizations need to train employees to excel in the role of “collaborators” 13 , thus ensuring a smooth hand-off between the different silos in the organization, facilitating survival of the innovative ideas. Socio­Cultural Norms Additional resources must be allocated to raise awareness...
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