Quality of research collaborations in order to

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Unformatted text preview: e most breakthrough innovations occur at the intersection of fields 12 . In order to achieve this however, fiscal and managerial autonomy of institutions of higher education are essential. Quality of Research & Collaborations In order to improve the quality of PhDs and the research coming from universities, a greater emphasis needs to be paid on the research work of the faculty and performance incentives need to be aligned accordingly. Moreover, grants and funding through collaboration with government (social utility projects) and industry (blue skies projects); will play a major role in the emergence and subsequent successful execution of breakthrough ideas. 12 Frans Johannson (2006), The Medici Effect 14 | P a g e Corporate/ Organizational Initiatives Breakthrough innovations that do not appear useful to customers today may squarely address their needs in the future. Therefore, a long-term orientation is essential for providing breakthrough innovations, in order to be able to successfully “ride the curve”. This can be done by aligning the incentives of the key decision makers accordingly. Figure 6: Need for Long Term Orientation in face of Radical Innovation In order to ensure that no idea is sacrificed at th...
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