Success stories of innovators must be disseminated

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Unformatted text preview: of the high societal value of business and innovation and the associated commercial success. As mentioned by Prof. Gary Hamel 14 , “the conscious misfit between aspirations and resources creates innovation and entrepreneurial energy”. Success stories of innovators must be disseminated, highlighting their achievements and thus providing a role model 15 and also helping in incentivising innovation by getting the on-lookers to raise their aspirations. Access to funding as well as expertise will also help in reducing the risk-aversion that is prevalent. The fact that radical innovation is one of the major sources of differentiation needs to be emphasised. This realization, coupled with a restored confidence in the IP protection and implementation mechanism will go a long way in reducing the risk-aversion to radical ideas which challenge the status quo. 13 Tom Kelly & Jonathan Littman (2005), The Ten Faces of Innovation Speech at Fortune Innovation Forum, November 2006 15 Overcoming Hurdle of Lack of Champions to emulate,...
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