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Unformatted text preview: being on industry participation. 11 PPP involving collaboration between industry, government and academia must be formed, with a greater emphasis on skill development. The government 10 11 Figures in Appendix (1,2), National Knowledge Commission (2007), Innovation in India Low Incidence of in‐house training, Figure in Appendix (4,6), World Bank Enterprise Survey 13 | P a g e must work along with NGOs to provide training to meet the needs of the informal economy since this is a hot-bed of innovative energy that needs to be tapped and channelized in the right direction to create breakthrough innovations. Systematic reform of higher education in India This will enable the development and effective utilization of the required intellectual capital. It involves a more flexible and market-responsive curriculum, enabling students to get exposure to a variety of different fields based on their interests, thus cultivating broad-based approach to problem solving and enabling students to tap into these varied experiences, sinc...
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